How Can I Tell If I’m a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Going to the dentist is just routine for many people; unfortunately for many others it is a traumatic experience. In fact some people find it so frightening that they delay or completely refuse to have the dental procedures they need because of their fear. Sedation dentistry is a way for these individuals and others to have the dental care they need without suffering through the anxiety.

If you are considering sedation dentistry you may be wondering if you are a good candidate. Sedation dentistry is generally for people who have dental anxiety. This may have been caused by a traumatic experience at the dentist in the past.

Some of the people sedation dentistry can help include:

  • Individuals who have difficulty getting numb enough for dental procedures or have very sensitive teeth
  • Patients with a very bad gag reflex or who have complex dental problems are also good candidates
  • Those who have a fear of needles or the smells and noises associated with a dentist’s office make good candidates
  • Patients who are not mentally or emotionally capable of understanding why they are having a needed procedure are also candidates.

Before having any procedure with sedation, you really should have a long talk with your Hamilton OH Dentist so that they can review thoroughly your medical history and current health in order to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you.

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