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Crown Off

Has your dental crown fallen off?  While it doesn’t happen very often, it does happen.

If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what to do:

  • Take your crown or bridge and put it in a very safe place.  You will need to bring this with you to the office.
  • Don’t chew on that side
  • Clean your teeth as normal
  • I don’t recommend putting the crown back in yourself. If you don’t get it in right you won’t be able to get your teeth together.  If it comes off again and you swallow it you could have real problems.  Think doctor visit, X rays, scopes.  Yeah, it can get messy.
  • If it’s one of your front teeth, you can make an exception here since you don’t chew with those teeth and people tend to be real careful with front teeth.  If your crown can be cleaned on the inside go ahead andgently scrape at it.  Sometime there is tooth or filling in it.  It can be difficult for you to do this at home.  A little Vaseline or some Fixodent can bridge you over till you can be seen.  THIS IS NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION.  If you do this for a long time you will get a cavity on the remaining tooth structure and you may loose the tooth.
  • If it’s sensitive, avoid the things that cause it to feel that way.  Seems simple enough.  Exposed dentin, the softer layer below enamel, can get irritated easily.
  • Leaving the crown off for a long time can allow your teeth to shift.  We may not be able to get your crown back in place.  The longest you should wait is 3 days.
  • Contact us at (513) 896-1573 to schedule an appointment so we can get it fixed ASAP!

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