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Oral Sedation Dentistry

One in five patients are having a difficult time dealing with their dental fear.  Oral Sedation has become a simple and effective way to combat this.

Who is a candidate for Oral Sedation Dentistry?

Anyone who,

  • Doesn’t like the sounds associated with dental treatment.
  • Doesn’t like the smells or tastes associated with dental treatment.
  • Has a strong gag reflex
  • Has a fear of dental needles
  • Doesn’t get numb with traditional numbing techniques
  • Has sensitive teeth
  • Hates sitting in one place for a long time
  • Has multiple and varied dental treatment needs
  • Has difficulty opening and holding their mouth open for long periods of time

What to Expect with Oral Sedation Dentistry

These drugs work in a way to relax and make you feel more calm. The most common drugs used come under the family of Benzodiazepines.  Just like Versed is a Benzodiazepine and can be administered orally the most common oral Benzo used in dentistry is Halcion or Triazolam.  No Benzodiazepines should be freely mixed with other drugs that cause drowsiness.

The combined effects of other depressant drugs, either prescribed or purchased at your local mart or “friend” should be used.  The combinations of drugs can be unpredictable and deadly.  Think of all the Hollywood types that have passed on.  Many of those situations are a result of prescription and non prescription combinations so Don’t Do It!

As long as you follow the recommendations of our office you can be sure that things will go smoothly.Fortunately the drugs prescribed at our office are very safe and it is extremely unlikely that dangerous symptoms will result.  This is why they are used in dentistry.

An added benefit, besides the calming action, is that of amnesia. For most people this works very well.  Remember that even though it works well for most people does not necessarily mean that it will work that way for you.  However, the odds are heavily in your favor that it will.

Limitations of Oral Sedation Dentistry

As a alternative to IV sedation, oral sedation can work well, but when it doesn’t work as hoped, an appointment can become difficult.  Unlike the IV route where medication can work within seconds, the oral route can take longer and have greater variation in effect.

With “oral” absorption of the medication (letting the pill dissolve under the tongue) you minimize the variation of the gastrointestinal system(your stomach and gut where medicine is regularly absorbed).  Letting the pill dissolve under the tongue is helpful but still not as predictable as IV sedation.

Click IV Sedation Dentistry, to find out how IV Sedation Dentistry can help and it’s the solution we most commonly recommend.

To learn more, to find out if you’re a candidate for oral sedation dentistry, contact our office at (513) 896-1573.

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