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Professional Teeth Whitening

A beautiful, white smile doesn’t have to be something that is out of reach! In fact, many everyday people are enjoying the benefits of a ‘Hollywood’ quality smile thanks to a simple but effective tooth whitening procedure.

This professional grade tooth whitening procedure offers a near permanent solution for discolored teeth and best of all, it’s a solution that will work for people of all ages.

To begin this tooth whitening treatment you will first need to come into our office where molds of your teeth will be created.  Using these molds, customized bleaching trays are constructed within just a day or two. When you receive your customized trays, you’ll also receive a professional strength bleaching agent.

This high strength bleaching agent means that you don’t have to carry that tray in your mouth all night, or hours at end for that matter. The take home kit is worn for a half hour every day for 2 weeks or until you get the desired results you want.

As an aside, all teeth are in different stages of their development and as a result each person’s ideal tooth color will vary. If you have questions about professionally whitening your teeth, we invite you to schedule online or call at (513) 896-1573 to speak with us about what you desire for your smile.  We’ll be happy to  help guide you to the best solution at your consultation visit.

We also offer in office tooth whitening so if you’d prefer that option, simply mention that when you call and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment.

New Patients Welcome

Sekulic Dentistry is now accepting new patients. We specialize in family, general and cosmetic dentistry. Visit us and discover compassionate care along with your best smile.

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