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Natural Looking Fixed Bridges

When teeth are lost and there are teeth present on either side of the lost tooth, a dental bridge may be an option for replacing the missing tooth.

Replacing a missing tooth will prevent changes from happening in your mouth that may create future problems.  These include drifting of teeth into the space changing your bite.  This change in bite may result in sore jaws, gum disease or decay (due to more difficult hygiene).  When one tooth is lost it has the potential to affect 5 or more other teeth in your mouth.

A fixed or permanent bridge is used to replace one or more teeth and we will help you determine what your options are when you visit our office.  This evaluation includes, x rays, gum and bone evaluation and possibly molds of your teeth.  The molds or impressions are used in more complicated situations where we can study your teeth outside your mouth.  In addition a wax mold can be created to assist in visualizing the final result and aiding us in creating the temporary teeth you will be wearing after the procedure.

The typical dental bridge treatment typically consists of 2 visits:

  1. The preparation visit
  2. Delivery or placing of your bridge.

Remember a dental bridge is permanent and should not be confused with a partial denture which is removable.  Once the bridge is cemented in place your normal chewing habits may return.

Congratulations! You now have greatly reinforced and replaced teeth that will provide you with many, many years of function, but to ensure this you should receive regular dental checkups at our office (every 6 months) and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.  Daily brushing and flossing are also essential to being able to provide your bridge the longest life span.

To learn more or to schedule a dental bridge evaluation, contact our office at (513) 896-1573 today.

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