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Natural Looking White Fillings

Have you had cavities filled in the past with the metal amalgam fillings traditionally used by dentists?  Are you embarrassed to show your smile because of your mouth full of metal?

Well, metal-free teeth fillings, also known as composite filling and white filling, are a great alternative to these traditional metal amalgam fillings used my many old-school dentists.

These new, natural looking white fillings offer many advantages, including:

  • These natural looking composite fillings are bonded to your teeth which acts to provide additional strength to the tooth.  Traditional silver filling aren’t bonded and therefore don’t add any strength.
  • We match the color of your tooth to the filling material making it virtually unnoticeable.  No one will know you have had work done on your teeth!
  • They provide a strong, smooth chewing surface.
  • They can help reduce or eliminate sensitivity that you might have after having a filling placed.  This is due to the fact that, unlike silver metal fillings, these natural looking composite fillings don’t transfer temperature changes as rapidly.
  • These fillings are metal free and don’t contain any mercury.
  • Once the filing is placed and hardened with our unique curing light, it is hard and ready for immediate use.

To learn more about how these natural looking tooth-colored fillings can benefit you, schedule online or call  today at (513) 896-1573.

Just Want the Traditional Tooth Fillings?

If you still want to have the traditional silver tooth fillings, we can help!

While these newer, composite material tooth fillings offer many advantages over the traditional silver tooth fillings, we still provide these traditional fillings to those patients that request them.  These silver fillings have a long history of success and we fully expect them to continue providing patients good function for many years to come.

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