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Dr. Paul Sekulic

Hi.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to meet you.  It is my hope that this introduction will give you a perspective of who I am, why I enjoy dentistry and what is unique about our practice.

As a student in undergraduate studies I always enjoyed the sciences and learning about how they work in relation to the world we live in.  My studies and interactions with friends and family lead me into the practice of dentistry.  My parents, who are both dental technicians, and my roommate all had an influence in my decision to pursue dental health care.

It seemed a good fit.  I enjoy working with my hands, learning and providing different procedures and helping people.  Dentistry provides me with an abundance of all these from direct patient care to running and operating a small business.  The challenges and rewards are endless.

In 1994 I entered into The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry program.  Four quick years later I found myself at Miami Valley Hospital, in Dayton Ohio, for their General Practice Residency.  This full time one year post graduate position provided me with additional continuing education and experience.  Being exposed to and treating patients of trauma injuries, advanced dental disease, severe orofacial infections and complex medical health histories has given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to provide services in our office that aren’t offered in most dental practices.

One of the premier training experiences was to gain knowledge and training in IV Sedation treatment.  This additional training covered all aspects of sedation therapy including IV Sedation, Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide sedation.  The year long program overlapped and incorporated dental treatment with sedation training.  It allowed me to learn the best techniques in both sedation therapy and dental treatment. This included additional training covering tooth removal, including wisdom teeth, surgical extraction of teeth and simple extractions.

Full mouth tooth removal, reshaping and contouring of the jaw bone to facilitate immediate denture placement, root canal therapy and gum surgery were also part of our year long training.  Having experienced dentists oversee, guide and direct my training was invaluable.

Since my graduation from dental school in 1997 and my general practice residency that included over 3,000 hours of continuing dental education I have continued to learn and perfect my techniques.  Over the years, additional experiences and continuing education have enabled me to create the office that I am presently in.

We are unique to this area in that we are able to provide all the treatments you need at one location for your general dental, emergency and sedation needs.

Being able to help people maintain and protect their teeth in a comfortable and caring environment is one step to being able to erase the negative feeling and perception about going to the dentist.  Modern dentistry and sedation dentistry help us to get our patients healthier and happier about their dental needs and dental experience.

It’s great being able to hear patients say things like, “that was easy”“that didn’t hurt at all”“your shot was the best I’ve ever had, it didn’t hurt a bit”, or “I don’t remember anything from our last visit and my teeth have never felt better”.These remarks and seeing the results makes all the effort and time put into everything extremely rewarding.

Our Central Office Values include:

  • Providing the best treatment and highest level of care for each patient based on the individual’s needs and ability.
  • Honesty, integrity and value guide everything we do.
  • We do what we say we are going to do.
  • We are always looking for and searching for ways to continue our professional growth and strengthen our service for you.
  • We care enough to make our day positive and fun for our patients and office environment.

Our Mission

We are a practice with high family traditions and expectations that provide the highest quality oral care in an understanding, gentle and responsive manner.  This is tailor fit to each of our patient’s needs, concerns and abilities.

Our team and I look forward to meeting you in person and being able to provide you with a high quality, comfortable and pain free experience.



New Patients Welcome

Sekulic Dentistry is now accepting new patients. We specialize in sedation, family, general and cosmetic dentistry. Visit us and discover compassionate care along with your best smile.

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