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Emergency Dental Service, Services

Knocked Out Tooth

Your tooth is out of your mouth.  Now what? If your adult tooth is knocked out completely, the clock is running.                 You only have about a half hour for the best, most predictable outcome! An hour and there’s still some hope. Here’s what we recommend you do: *If your tooth just feel out on it’s own due to gum disease there is no chance of getting that particular tooth back in your mouth.  A replacement will need to be made. “What Can I Expect Now That My Tooth Has Been Knocked Out?” If the bone and gum tissue isn’t completely damaged and the roots of the teeth aren’t broken you have a good chance of saving your tooth, but only if you can get it back in the socket within a half hour to hour.  In some rare cases the tooth will heal and no further treatment will be needed. Often however a root canal will need to be performed.  This will save your tooth.  If this fails to due to the severity of the injury you can still have something made that looks natural and functions well. We can also help with any tooth replacement or repair needs. Contact our office at (513) 896-1573 to schedule a dental consultation.

Emergency Dental Service, Services

Filling Out

t’s the weekend or your dentist is out of town and your tooth has gotten a hole in it or part of it has chipped away.  Now what do you do? Well, here’s what we’d do: In the mean time don’t chew on that side.  A broken tooth is a weakened tooth.  Stressing it out more and breaking more of it can mean more expense.  If it’s cutting your gum or tongue you can get some bee’s wax or some temp material from the drug store. A word of caution, sometimes plugging the hole can give you a toothache.  Your tooth may be naturally releasing pressure through the top of it where the hole is.  Plugging the hole may cause pressure to go down into the root. My recommendation is to keep it very clean and call us for a visit to determine what needs to be done. The reason we see teeth in this situation: Remember teeth that are more than 50% filling are significantly more susceptible to failure. We will be able to help you decide what to do in order to protect your tooth in the future.  This may include replacing the filling after removing the decay or a crown. If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, contact us at (513) 896-1573 today to get you in ASAP!

Emergency Dental Service, Services

We Fix Tooth Pain Fast!

Does this scenario sound familiar – You’ve been really busy, don’t have dental insurance, and now your tooth is hurting. What do you do? The very first thing you need to do is to determine if it truly is a toothache or if it’s just sensitivity. To make an accurate determination of what is happening, an x-ray of the problem tooth or teeth is necessary. Once the determination has been made, either a bona fide toothache or simply increased sensitivity, here are a few things to keep in mind about each: Sensitivity: This is a very common problem.  Just go to the drugstore and see how many different types of toothpastes are for sensitive teeth.  We will need to know when your tooth is causing you trouble and for how long. Again, you may not have a problem that needs to be fixed with a filling or other treatment, but you might.  I know, not a great answer.  Unfortunately you can have sensitivity from gum recession or from decay (cavity).  Both will feel bad with temperature and different foods. If you haven’t been to the dentist for some time I would highly recommend you schedule an appointment ASAP.  The sooner we can evaluate the area the better the chances of getting a simple resolution. Remember, it costs about the same to have a tooth filled as it does to have it removed. Fillings last a long time but so do empty spaces in your jaw.  Yes, we can fill in the space but it can cost significantly more than just getting it fixed early on. Toothache: You know it’s bad if the pain won’t go away.  It’s going to be potentially worse if you’ve had pain before in the same area and did nothing about it.  We can help you no matter what the situation but the options may not be easy. How can you tell if you have a legitimate toothache? What you can do to fix the tooth pain:

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