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Removable Teeth, Services

Denture Stabilization

Is this your denture experience? Your dentures are loose, they slip, they fall out, they get food under them.  Seems you can’t taste your food like you did before and they make noise while you eat.  Bottom line is you don’t have the confidence to eat the things you want to and you are insecure in social settings since you don’t know how your teeth will perform for you.  Sound familiar? Need a Solution! Dental implants will transform your denture experience!  You will finally be able to get back the function and confidence that you have been missing.  Finally dentures like nature intended your teeth to be. Take the Next Step! With a 3D x ray we can determine how many implants you will need to provide the best case for you in your particular circumstance.  Call Dr. Sekulic now to set up a no cost implant consultation with complimentary 3D x ray.  513-896-1573

Removable Teeth, Services


Partial Dentures, Full Dentures, Immediate Dentures We understand that everyone has different needs. A quality partial denture or full denture is what you can be sure of.  We do multiple steps to ensure that the fit and comfort will be the best that it can be. If you have been having pain with your teeth and believe you may need either a full or partial denture we can provide your dental extractions and delivery of your immediate partial or full denture.  This way if something isn’t fitting right or looking right you are dealing with the person that made the denture at your tooth removal appointment.  We can provide the adjustments and customizations you may need to make you feel comfortable right away. Steps to receiving your dentures include: When we see you for your evaluation and consultation we will give you more details in regards what option would be best for you so contact us today at (513) 896-1573 to schedule your evaluation.

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