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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Have you been told that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Or perhaps you’re experiencing pain in the back of your mouth, most likely resulting from an impacted wisdom tooth that hasn’t grown in properly? Why Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? If we have enough room in the jaw the eruption of these teeth will be just a normal process of growing up.  However, many people only have enough room for twenty-eight teeth.   When there is not enough room for these teeth to erupt properly they become impacted. Wisdom teeth are considered “impacted” or unable to erupt when they have no place to go or grow. They may grow in sideway (which can destroy your second molar), only partially come through the gum causing a bacteria trap resulting in recurrent infections or remain trapped beneath the gum and bone forming fluid filled sac (cyst) or tumors that destroy the jaw or teeth surrounding this area. Wisdom teeth can be considered not functional or useful if they are: Some of the benefits of early wisdom teeth removal that can help you to avoid future problems, include: Wisdom teeth should be removed in order to: COST Health care is expensive and lots of people charge lots of different prices for dental care.  Here is a link that you can use that can help you get an estimate of how much it could cost.  It’s based on prices that are turned into insurance companies and the zip code that it comes from.  Here it is SEDATION Make it as easy as you can and have IV Sedation performed.  We have been providing this service for almost 30 years and it’s wonderful.  Dr. Sekulic’s additional year long training after dental school means you can receive ALL of your critical dental care services at his Hamilton OH office, including wisdom tooth removal. He has provided this procedure to patients under all circumstances available.  Some people don’t want anything more than numbing others get Nitrous Oxide, Oral Sedation or IV Sedation. We can help you decide which option can help you best so contact our office at (513) 896-1573 to schedule a consultation.

Services, Tooth Removal

Simple or Surgical Tooth Removal

Unfortunately, sometimes the only solution we have to your tooth pain or dental trouble is to remove the tooth. On the bright side, we can take care of any tooth removal that you need quickly and painlessly. Tooth removals, also called tooth extractions, typically fall into 2 main categories, simple extractions or surgical extractions. Simple Extraction: This means that no cutting, digging, bone removal or stitching was needed to remove your tooth. Surgical Extraction: A more technically unique circumstance that requires one or more of the following: cutting, digging, bone removal or stitching. Teeth that most often need to be surgically removed are upper molars, canines (I teeth), first pre molars and wisdom teeth. During my residency program I was given additional training significantly above what we received in dental school for the removal of teeth. If we can’t take care of your situation there will be no charge for your visit and we will give you your X ray to take to your dentist of choice. This excludes wisdom teeth. How the tooth extraction works: If you have never had a tooth extraction performed before, it can seem very intimidating. It can be even more so if you’ve had it done in the past and it wasn’t a good experience! Fortunately, we do have solutions to help you deal with your fear or anxiety. See our information about sedation dentistry. In order to resolve your tooth pain or discomfort, we typically follow these steps: Now, many people have trouble with the fact that there is a fair amount of pressure needed to loosen some teeth, in addition to the wiggling and movement of the tooth, something that for many is very unusual to feel in the mouth. Lastly the sounds are very strange. You are welcome to bring your music device with you and turn it up to help with the sounds. However, as far as getting the tooth out, it’s typically a pretty quick procedure and is over in just a few minutes. If you think you may need a tooth removed, contact our office at (513) 896-1573 to schedule an appointment.

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